The demand for EV Mobile Charging is emerging and will expand in the coming years as more and more OEMs deliver an increased number of electric vehicles to the U.S. and international markets.

The Problem

The Problem

This EV growth will require EV Mobile Charging at events, training Ride & Drives, consumer activations, and dealer experiences, where EVs will be out on the road, inside fair grounds and even on remote, unusual locations.

Although many EVs are “charged to go the distance,” there will situations where plug-in power and dealerships may not be available at some locations selected for creating exciting launch event experiences.

How We Can Help

The Solution

Undertaking a careful analysis of how best to support your EV launch event with EV Mobile Charging, we determine:

  • What kind of mobile charging system is needed?
  • How will it be deployed?
  • How will the chargers be used and displayed on a variety of sites?
  • How does this support the objectives of the overall program?
  • What kind of support and tech back-up will be expected?

Based on our analysis, we offer a range of affordable, custom solutions to support your EV launch event.

Why Work With Us

The Werber Group Heritage

Our heritage has been focused on both the art and technology of training. EV Mobile Charging will be an essential component in the training and event world going forward.

Who We Work With


You name a leading automotive manufacturer; our people have worked with them.

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